In the area of further education, the IATI regularly organizes the IATI summer school "SummerTrans" as well as various special courses, workshops, round tables, etc. (see below).

The following are currently being planned:

  • 5th International Conference on Tanslation Studies "Interfaces in Translation", Innsbruck, September, 2024
  • The IATI summer school "SummerTrans IX" BolzanoSeptember, 2025 under the motto "Translation: old and new challenges with a special focus on legal translation"; the program is being prepared and will appear on the homepage soon.

Deutsch als Fremdsprache  für das Studium 

Sommer-/Winterschule Stundentenleben in Deutschland

IATI Summer School SummerTrans

for students of translation and interpreting as well as for practising translators and interpreters, together with prominent national and international scientists in the field of translation and interpreting research. The first IATI Summer School "SummerTrans I" was held in 2004, the Summer School "SummerTrans VIII" in 2019. “SummerTrans IX” is going to be arranged in September 2022.

Workshop Audiovisual Translation

In June 2006 a workshop on audiovisual translation took place at the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Innsbruck.

Planned special and intensive courses:

Conference Interpreting

A highly qualified team of experts affords the participants the opportunity to make first attempts in the field of interpreting but also provides intensive training courses in conference interpreting.

EuroCom courses on the basis of language intercomprehension

Based on the the linguistic competence of the mother tongue and working languages of the translator (which create the so-called bridge languages) the EuroCom strategy facilitates to expand translation expertise to further languages, related to the bridge languages within a short time. Attending a EuroCom intense course, a French translator for instance can acquire translation competence from Portuguese, Spanish or Italian into one’s mother tongue. Of particular interest are EuroCom courses for languages of new EU member states, using e.g. Russian as the bridge language in order to acquire translation competence from Polish, Czech, Slovenian, etc. into one’s mother tongue.


translation training on-line for translators and interpreters especially in the field of various kinds of audiovisual translation.